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Many questions are common to the HD community. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered in this article.
Huntington Disease Medical Update
eMedicine Journal, September 11 2001, Volume 2, Number 9. Very thorough workup on HD Authored by Fredy J Revilla, MD, Instructor,Department of Neurology, Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine
A diagnosis of Huntington disease invariably deeply affects the person and every member of the family, as well as a wide circle of friends, work associates, neighbours, and others in the community.
As with any serious diagnosis, the person with HD and the family can expect to experience a variety of emotions, some even frightening or contradictory.
Review of Publications in the Last Year 
Relating to Huntington's Disease
By Dr. Kathleen Shannon  1997
This article by Dr. Shannon is now 5 years old but is still one of the best consolidated updates I've seen on Huntington's Disease before or since she presented it!  Since this was written the studies on the CoQ10 have taken place, you don't hear much about the fetal transplantation in HD today, and other exciting discoveries have taken place. CLICK HERE-This Article In Word
A brief description on the 3 categories of symptoms of HD and suggested treatment on both early and later symptoms.  Discusses types of therapy suggested to help with various symptoms.

FAQS Questions to Ask To Determine A Swallowing Difficulty 3pgs
Huntington's can affect the muscles in the throat which not only make it difficult to talk but can make it difficult to keep food and liquids in the mouth and to adequately prepare the food for swallowing.  This 3 page article discusses questions to ask yourself to determine if there is a swallowing problems.  Discussess importance of detecting problems early. The symptoms of dysphagia, how evaluations are done and therapy recommended.  Has a link to the HD Association of the UK, in PDF format, article on swallowing in HD at:

Preventing Weight Loss in HD Patients
Susan Sandler, M.S
Maintaining weight in HD patients has been shown to reduce some symptoms and avert malnutrition. Identifying the need for more calories is critical to the patient's overall well being.  Describes reasons why weight loss can occur, signs to look for and recommendations on what to do.